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We don't like surprises, especially when it comes to costs. Using the non-binding price calculator, you can create your personal offer with just a few details and get a quote from us by click. The monthly flat rate gives you cost certainty and allows you to take this into account in your company's financial planning.

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Non-binding price calculator

1. Complete the following fields:


(i)You can determine the number of bookings as follows. Example: Per month you send 10 customer invoices (to customers) and pay 20 vendor invoices (to suppliers, service providers). Total = 30 transactions/month

Number of employees

+ payroll accounting

+ tax return / VAT

+ limited stat. audit

+ annual FS

Price excl. VAT per month:



For your calculations:

Your benefits

- No cost uncertainties, since a monthly flat rate payment is agreed

- We take care of everything - from the registration of your employees with the social insurances to the tax return

- The contract is cancelable at any time

- Personal Consulting

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