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Should I do the bookkeeping myself or rather outsource it to a trustee?

See also information from SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). If you have no experience or training in accounting at all, it is not advisable to do this completely on your own. In the case of small businesses, a mixed form of accounting often makes sense, with a trustee taking over the control function or complex work. Especially if your company is subject to VAT or employs staff, possible mistakes could lead to expensive additional payments in subsequent years. The state authorities regularly carry out audits in which generally the last five business years are checked.

Do you only work with regional customers?

No, we serve clients from all over Switzerland and internationally. If you are willing to work with us digitally, the location of your company is irrelevant. Using tools such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Sharepoints, uncomplicated collaboration is possible.

Can you help me to found up a company?

Yes, see the following page.

What sets you apart?

We work according to the values of competent (our eyes have already gained insight into the finances of thousands of companies), transparent (you will not experience any nasty surprises thanks to the monthly flat rate), digital (increases efficiency) and reliable (we do not miss any deadlines and stick to agreements). Furthermore, we are a young dynamic team that attaches great importance to an uncomplicated and solution-oriented way of working.

How do I pay for the services?

You will be invoiced for our services on a monthly basis.

What exactly is included in the monthly flat rate?

Depending on your requirements, the monthly flat rate includes all administrative and financial activities in connection with bookkeeping, tax returns, VAT and payroll accounting. From A like advise on social security matters to Z like zero in on your bookkeeping.

Will I work with the same person every month?

Yes, you always have the same contact person. The advantage of this is that your contact person gets to know you and your company better and better over time. This way, an efficient and trusting cooperation can develop.

Is it also possible for me to do certain work myself?

Yes, that is possible. We are guided by your ideas. Basically, any form of cooperation is possible. If you have capacity in your company, it is advisable to take on simple repetitive tasks yourself. We then take care of everything that is error-prone, risky and complex.

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